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make me choose: Buffy Summers or Jason Todd (by anonymous)

"You can’t stop crime. That’s what you never understood. I’m controlling it. You wanna rule them by fear. But what do you do with the ones who aren’t afraid? I’m doing what you won’t, I’m taking them out."

Title: Lux Aeterna
Artist: Clint Mansell
Album: Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
Played: 12,089 plays



This is more than half the reason why Requiem for a Dream is the most emotionally disembowelling film you will ever see. 


anonymous asked: black widow or wonder woman 



Mikasa Ackerman + character traits

natalia-romanova asked: gambit or deadpool?

"I want to always be able to do things that I’m passionate about. I always want to be proud of my work. I always want to be a truthful person.”

Favorite Characters >> Roy Harper of Young Justice

Emma Stone for Cosmopolitan Russia (May 2014)

We are desert stealers! We are living outside the law!

Of all people, you know who I am…who the world needs me to be. I’m Wonder Woman.

Seemed right to me. That’s the problem